Random, Brandon Usry, is a hip hop artist from Knoxville, TN. Growing up in a strict household he was always looking for an escape. Anything from cartoons to poetry, he just wanted to create something. The first album Random ever purchased was Eminem's ‘Recovery’ and his life was changed. He found the outlet he had been looking for. Random started writing and it wasn’t long before he realized there was potential and it could be more than just poetry . Drawing influence from his own life, the influences of HopSin, MAC Miller, Dr Dre, Eminem, Spongebob & comedy icons Robin Williams,  Jim Carey & Dave Chappell.  In a time when everyone in the rap game is trying to sound the same Random just wants to sound like himself. He’s done a good job too and shows no sign of letting up. Random came out swinging with his ‘Brown Bag Life Vol. 1’ EP which dropped in December 2019 sporting block wrecking vibes, tongue in cheek rhymes delivered at breakneck speed, and dripping with attitude like a mean muggin’ meth head. He recently dropped the single ‘Wishes to Visions’ on February 14th and hints that ‘Brown Bag Life Vol. 2’ could drop as early as Spring. Till then keep your ear out for new tracks and features dropping soon.
What Time Works For You?